Welcome to the online museum of Grimsby Morris Men. 

The museum is in the very early stages of development but will eventually house a collection of documents and images related to the long history of GMM.

The first items added to the museum were the digitized versions of the history booklets, put together by our archivist Ian Horsley, giving a broad history of GMM and its members. These are accessible from the "History Booklets" menu item. Next were Ian's booklets relating to Lincolnshire Plough Plays and especially their performance by members of GMM. Choose the "Plough Plays" item to view these. Incidentally, most of the artwork in the booklets was hand drawn and coloured by Ian. Some of his art is also available on the main GMM site.

More content will be posted in the near future.

If you have any questions or comments about the museum or its contents, please contact our website manager via gmmwebman@grimsbymorrismen.org.uk.