About the HIStory Booklets

When Ian Horsley took on the role of archivist in 2005 one of the first things he did was to start collecting personal memoirs of members of the side. The name HIStory seemed appropriate as each piece was a personal history, a collection of memories of that member's times with the side, HIS story. In 2007, the fortieth anniversary of the side, Ian put together a booklet of HIStories and related materials, including pictures dating back to the foundation of the modern side. This is the first of the booklets presented here.

After the 40th anniversary Ian continued the work of collecting pictures, articles and HIStories. At the time of writing, October 2016, the side are approaching their 50th anniversary and Ian has put together five booklets, all condensed from the more extensive material in the archive. Click a front page below to look at that HIStory booklet or select one from the menu.

Front cover of HIStory Booklet 1Front cover of HIStory Booklet 2Front cover of HIStory Booklet 3Front cover of HIStory Booklet 4Front cover of HIStory Booklet 5